The safety PLC message, or User messages don't show up ?
20 April, 2020 by

If a Fiessler, LazerSafe or MCS Nuova Elettronica or the User messages don't show the text messages.

  1. Check if the message exist  in filename-XX.TXT (for ex. MESSAGES-XX.TXT or TSECU_NE-XX.TXT)
    This name is the default file name that will be used in case the file is not existing in the current language.

            Usually the content the default "filename-XX.TXT" contains the English version.

  1. Check if the format is UTF-8 with BOM.
    Use the freeware Notepad++ and check the Encoding tab (It must select "Encode in UTF-8" 
Odoo CMS - a big picture

For  more information regarding the user messages, click below :

20 April, 2020
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