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OEM / Service technician

How can I display customized pop-up messages?

April 2020 — 336 views CybTouch PressVisiTouch

How to unlock the controller using an activation code

April 2020 — 364 views CybTouch PressCybTouch Shear

My CybTouch simulator is not displayed anymore, it stays minimized in my task bar.

April 2020 — 331 views CybTouch PressCybTouch Shear

My axe is not counting correctly / indexing doesn't work

April 2020 — 353 views CybTouch PressCybTouch ShearVisiTouch

My sentinel protection key is not recognized by the software

April 2020 — 353 views Modeva

The safety PLC message, or User messages don't show up ?

April 2020 — 348 views CybTouch Press